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Introducing Buxton Coates' Charity of the Year 2024

Buxton Coates is delighted to announce and introduce its charity of the year for 2024.  Each year we have the privilege of selecting a charity that seeks to alleviate suffering or hardship. This year, the firm has selected Smart Works, a charity which exists to give women the confidence they need to reach their full potential, secure employment, and change the trajectory of their lives.

The charity specialises in supporting women to grow in self-belief and confidence at job interviews by assisting them in coaching and providing suitable formal attire that combines to improve self-confidence and aspiration.

The charity has grown from its beginnings in London, and now has centres in Edinburgh, Greater Manchester, Reading, Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds, Glasgow, a third centre in London, and a further site in Manchester City Centre. The growth has been indicative of the charity’s effectiveness in meeting its objectives and garnering support from the fashion industry, and its associated benefactors.

The charity has supported over 30,000 women, 69% of whom have successfully obtained employment. 95% have felt more confident about the interview process.

The charity is addressing the needs within the employment sector where there have been challenges post-Covid. As part of our wider corporate social responsibility, we are proud to give our support to a charity making a strategic difference, and helping contribute to individual and corporate economic transformation.

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