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Episode 7 - Discussing the importance of branding, marketing and websites with Rachel Barrow

In this episode, Sarah teams up with Rachel Barrow to demystify the world of branding, marketing and websites for dental practices, drawing on their own collaboration over a number of years.

Sarah shares her firsthand experience of rebranding her legal practice, recounting the journey from FTA Law to Buxton Coates Solicitors, guided by Rachel's expertise. Together, they discuss the process in detail—from their initial discussions to the final brand delivery and website design, and the impact this has had on Sarah's business.

They go on to discuss the critical role of a well-functioning website in today's digital landscape, emphasising the need for regular updates and fresh design to stay ahead of the curve and maintain compliance. They also tackle the question of whether associate dentists should have their own websites, examining the contractual nuances and mutual benefits for both parties.

This episode offers practical insights and expert advice for dental practitioners and professionals alike, shedding light on the intersection of branding, compliance and law, and effective marketing strategies in the dental industry. Whether you're revamping your practice or seeking to enhance your brand presence, this conversation is a must-listen.

Listen via the podcast player below:

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