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Episode 6 - Discussing NHS to private practice conversions and how to successfully manage a thriving dental practice - with Nicola Eades

Join Sarah Buxton in her latest podcast episode as she sits down with the inspiring Nicola Eades, owner of Bridge Street Dental Surgery in Tadcaster, Yorkshire. Nicola, a former dental nurse, shares her remarkable journey of turning around a struggling private practice that she and her husband acquired 13 years ago. Starting with just two surgeries and an initial NHS contract, Nicola reveals the strategic decisions that led to the transformation of their clinic into a thriving fully private practice with three chairs and a dedicated team of 15.

Nicola delves into the details of why they decided to let go of the NHS contract, the challenges they faced, and their successful conversion to a fully private practice. The conversation highlights the crucial role of effective communication within the team and the significance of outsourcing for comprehensive business management, covering areas such as compliance, finance, and HR.

Nicola shares valuable insights on running a successful business, emphasising the importance of transparent communication with the team and the unique dynamics of working with family members in a professional setting. Tune in to gain firsthand knowledge and discover Nicola's top tips for achieving success.

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