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Updated Guidance to be issued by the GDC on 12 February 2024

The updated GDC guidance highlights the requirement for all dental professionals to obtain the correct legal indemnity insurance that covers their entire scope of practice and ensures patients can receive compensation if they are harmed.

Due to the surge in dental indemnity insurers throughout the UK, these changes will provide clarity and a better understanding of what coverage dental professionals are legally required to obtain, which provider to choose, and what other products are available.

It is therefore worthwhile for dental professionals to review what cover they have in place, ensuring they have comprehensive cover and support from their legal indemnity provider.

Dental professionals should consider their liability to their patients, what financial limit their cover provides, and what matters their cover provides which may include, legal advice, representation in disputes, regulatory proceedings, CPD assistance, and bringing or defending against claims. 

The updated guidance from the GDC is a welcome addition to the guidance released for dental professionals, as it will ensure that dental professionals are fully protected and indemnified of costs, whilst protecting the interests of patients and any compensation they may be entitled to.

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