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Episode 3: Discussing menopause in the workplace with Jessica Rodgers, Senior Paralegal

This month, our host Sarah Buxton is joined by Jessica Rogers. Jessica is a Paralegal in the Employment and HR team who originally joined the firm as a Legal Apprentice.

Jessica advises our Oracle subscription clients on day-to-day employment law and HR issues, drafts employment contracts and self-employed agreements and assists with Employment Tribunal files.

In this podcast, Sarah and Jessica discuss a crucial issue that is often overlooked: menopause in the workplace.

Wednesday 18th October is World Menopause Day, aimed at breaking the stigma and highlighting the support available for those experiencing it.

As a practice owner or manager, what practical steps are you already taking to understand and meet the needs of employees going through menopause? And what more can you do?

Listen to this month’s podcast to understand what menopause is, how it can affect people differently, and what support you should provide.

If you need support with this issue or want to learn more about supporting your employees, visit our website to set up a call.

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