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Change of policy on Interim Orders Committee outcome


The GDC announced they have reviewed publications following decisions by the Interim Orders Committee following a review of their policy.

Fitness to practice investigations is extremely difficult for any practitioner to go through, whatever the allegation.   In addition to the personal stress, the knowledge and details of the investigation in the public domain, can only add to their stress and in some instances significant mental health suffered by a practitioner.

Whilst health issues have always been kept out of the public forum, and rightly so; a registrant with any allegation against them should also be afforded the same determination particularly if that practitioner continues practising whilst under investigation.

So, finally some good news.  From 2 July 2024 the Dental Professional Hearings Service will no longer publish determinations made by the Interim Orders Committee.  Instead, the outcome will be published on its website after a hearing or review has taken place, including any actions taken to protect the public, patients, or dental professionals.  However, any restrictions on registration will continue to be added to the online register.

It is time the GDC use their own rule of thumb and show insight, and have now realised that by limiting publication to the outcomes and any restrictions on a dental professional’s registration they are still maintain public safety but also minimising negative effects on dental professional whilst the investigation is underway.

The IOC has always at the outset made it clear that their position it to assess risk and not determine the facts of a case and it is therefore only practical that determinations should not be published by a committee not placed to decide on facts. 

We are hopeful that this is the first step to a more streamlined, efficient, and supportive GDC procedure and that the GDC continue to listen to the overwhelming voice that shouts ITS TIME FOR CHANGE!

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