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Five reasons to choose a Dental Employment and HR Lawyer

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In the ever-evolving landscape of the dental industry, managing the legal aspects of your practice is crucial for success. One area that often gets overlooked by practice owners and managers is employment and HR.

As a dental practice owner, you must protect your interests and ensure smooth operations; that’s where a dental employment and HR lawyer can make all the difference. In this blog, we'll explore five reasons why you should consider enlisting the expertise of a Dental Employment and HR Lawyer like those at Buxton Coates Solicitors.

1. Specific expertise in dental employment and HR issues

When it comes to the legal intricacies of the dental profession, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't cut it. Dental employment and HR lawyers like us specialise in the unique challenges and requirements of dental practices.

Our in-depth industry knowledge allows us to provide highly tailored advice and solutions. From producing bespoke agreements that minimise the risk of disputes to helping you navigate performance issues, sickness absence, flexible working, lateness, maternity or paternity leave, and employee complaints, we are your trusted partners in ensuring the legal compliance and smooth operation of your practice.

2. Mitigating risk through customised agreements

One of the most critical aspects of managing a dental practice is ensuring that your employment agreements and contracts are legally sound and protect your interests. Our dental employment and HR lawyers are adept at crafting bespoke agreements tailored to your needs.

These agreements outline the expectations and responsibilities of both parties and include clauses that can help minimise the risk of disputes down the road. By investing in professionally drafted contracts, you're safeguarding your practice from potential legal headaches.

3. Navigating employee performance

Employee performance issues can be a significant source of stress for dental practice owners. It’s a topic that can rouse emotions on both sides, so you must approach it sensitively and professionally. This is why we always suggest seeking advice before you act.

Whether it's addressing subpar performance, handling disciplinary actions, or improving employee engagement, Our dental employment and HR lawyers have the experience and expertise to guide you through these challenges.

We can provide valuable insights into best practices for performance management and help you navigate the legal aspects of the process to ensure fairness and compliance.

4. Managing absences and flexible working arrangements

There are many reasons why an employee might need to take time off - perhaps it’s a one-off sick day or they need a longer period of absence for an ongoing health condition. They might struggle with their mental health or need to care for a sick child.

Whatever the reason, you’ll need to show compassion for the employee whilst doing what's right for your business. If you’re struggling to decide how much absence to allow an employee, how to tell them they need to come in, or disciplinary action for repeat absenteeism, we can help.

Our dental employment and HR lawyers can tweak existing policies (or develop new ones) to protect your practice against issues caused by employee absence. Similarly, we can help shape your procedures around flexible working arrangements so they suit your and your employees’ needs.

5. Keep pace with changing regulations

Employment laws and regulations are always changing. What’s more, they’re rarely straightforward to interpret and put into action. Without the assistance of a skilled dental employment and HR lawyer, it can be difficult to ensure you’re keeping pace and operating as compliantly as possible.

At Buxton Coates Solicitors, we can advise on individual matters or provide a comprehensive package to cover all your legal employment needs. Before advising on the matter, we listen attentively to your circumstances to understand your situation and give the best possible advice.

Choose us as your Dental HR and Employment Lawyer

Whether you’re looking for one-off advice about an issue, have received a claim via the Employment Tribunal, or want ongoing support for all the issues you might face throughout your time as a practice owner, Buxton Coates Solicitors would love to help.

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