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The Buxton Coates Podcast - Implications for the dental industry under a new Labour government

In this timely episode of the Buxton Coates Solicitors Podcast, we explore the seismic shifts in UK employment law on the morning of the first day under our new Labour government. With a sweeping majority, Labour has ousted the Conservative party and is set to introduce significant legislative changes within the first 100 days, reshaping the landscape for business owners, employers, and managers.

Join Sarah Buxton and Elizabeth Last from the Buxton Coates Employment and HR department for an in-depth discussion on Labour's plans and their implications for dental business owners, managers and employees.

We cover:

Labour's Legislative Agenda:

  • Overview of Labour's commitment to introduce new legislation within 100 days.

  • Immediate and long-term impacts on business operations and employment practices.

New Employment Rights:

  • Examination of Labour's promise to extend the right not to be unfairly dismissed from the first day of employment, eliminating the previous two-year requirement.

  • Implications of abolishing traditional probation periods, making it more challenging for employers to assess new team members' fit.

Potential Legal Changes for Self-Employed Clinicians:

  • Discussion on proposed changes affecting self-employed clinicians.

  • How these changes might impact dental practices and other businesses relying on self-employed professionals.

Zero-Hour Contracts:

  • Labour's proposal for a minimum number of hours for zero-hour contracts.

  • Potential effects on flexibility and workforce management for employers.

Carers Leave:

  • Introduction of possible paid leave for carers under Labour's new policies.

  • Benefits and challenges this poses for employers managing staff with caregiving responsibilities.

Statutory Sick Pay:

  • Changes to statutory sick pay, including the removal of the waiting period and the lower limit of pay.

  • How these changes will affect employer obligations and employee welfare.

With Labour's decisive majority and ambitious legislative agenda, understanding the upcoming changes is critical for staying ahead. This episode offers important insights and practical guidance to help employers effectively navigate the new employment landscape.

Listen to the podcast now via the player below:

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