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Episode 4: Discussing Christmas parties with Elizabeth Last

This month, Sarah is joined by Elizabeth Last, a Solicitor in the Employment and HR team at Buxton Coates.

Elizabeth has been with Buxton Coates for 5 years, moving from Paralegal to Solicitor.

In this podcast, Sarah and Elizabeth discuss Christmas parties and festive events. So much can go wrong at a Christmas party, and you could be held responsible, so it’s always best to be protected in any case.

Their discussion covers the following topics:

- Learn about Christmas Party policies and how this can help avoid HR issues.

- Vicarious liability and how this applies to Christmas parties. Who is responsible for the actions of self-employed team members at a party?

- What is the best type of event for a Christmas party, to keep you covered?

- Social media issues - what to share on social media at a Christmas party - and whether to have a social media policy in place.

If you need support with this issue, visit our website to set up a call.

Listen to the podcast below:

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