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Episode 2: Discussing the current state of employment law and dealing with disputes

After our announcement of Buxton Coates Solicitors and a thought-provoking discussion about the credibility of professional associations, we're back with the second episode of the Buxton Coates Solicitors podcast.

This month, Sarah is joined by Christopher Walton, Employment Solicitor at Buxton Coates Solicitors, to discuss the current state of the court system in the UK, and delays to justice.

They discuss the current difficulties many are facing with handling employee disputes, given the information available to the public online. Practice Managers are struggling to keep up to date with current legislation, as it's so ever-changing.

They also discuss how challenging claims are for Practice Owners, both in terms of expense and emotional stress, along with the process of having to instruct a solicitor.

When dealing with a claim, it's important to deal with claims and settlements appropriately, and you should always seek proper legal support. Listen to our new podcast below to learn more about this, and other tips for dealing with claims.

If you need support with a claim or want to learn more about protecting yourself and your practice, visit our website to set up a call.

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